Volunteers are the heart and soul of the U.S. Pain Foundation. No matter what your interests are, or what your physical limitations may be, there is an opportunity for you to make a difference. The majority of our volunteer activities can be done from the comfort of home!

Below is a list of examples of ways to get involved, and information on how to get started. If you’d like to get more information on opportunities to act straight to your inbox, sign up as a volunteer here.

Host an information table

Hosting an information table or booth in your community is a great way to raise awareness about chronic pain and the services and programs U.S. Pain Foundation offers. Good locations for tables include: local libraries, hospital lobbies, town halls, community centers, and so on. Make sure to get permission in advance!

GET STARTED: Visit uspainfoundation.org/order-materials and/or contact lori@uspainfoundation.org


Give a talk

Giving a short talk at your workplace, school, or a local city council meeting can be intimidating, but it’s an incredibly effective way to get more attention on chronic pain. The most powerful talks are those that share a little bit of your personal story. You can make the talk as long or as short as you want, and we can provide resources and materials to hand out.

GET STARTED: Contact lori@uspainfoundation.org


Write a blog

Submit an idea for an article for our blog, “Remedy.” Note that we request you submit an idea proposal first, before writing the article itself, so we can decide whether it’s a good fit or give you suggestions on the topic.

GET STARTED: Contact emily@uspainfoundation.org


Participate in Pain Awareness Month

Each September, we dedicate 30 days to raising awareness about chronic pain. We do this through a specially themed initiative or campaign, along with annual activities like obtaining proclamations, getting landmarks lit in blue, and more. Preparations typically start in the spring.

GET STARTED: Visit uspainawarenessmonth.com


Distribute U.S. Pain educational materials

U.S. Pain has a variety of materials and resources that you can hand out, ranging from magazines to information booklets to bracelets. All materials are free to order and ship straight to you.

GET STARTED: Visit uspainfoundation.org/order-materials


Join or share events

U.S. Pain Foundation hosts regular events, both online and in person. Participate in events/webinars and help promote them on social media!

GET STARTED: Visit uspainfoundation.org/webinars and uspainfoundation.org/events/


Suggest a speaker

We are always looking for health care providers or other experts in the area of pain and wellness to speak at upcoming events. If you have someone in mind who you think might be willing, let us know! (Maybe you’re an expert on a topic and would like to speak!)

GET STARTED: Contact emily@uspainfoundation.org


Start a support group

Start a support group in your area as part of our Pain Connection support group network. (Leaders are required to attend a weekend training, which are held approximately twice a year. Travel scholarships available to volunteers!)

GET STARTED: Visit painconnection.org and/or email gwenn@painconnection.org


Share your story

Share your story through our Storybank (stories can help us connect you with advocacy opportunities!). As a thank you, we’ll send you a free kit with resources.

GET STARTED: Visit uspainfoundation.org/share-your-story


Take policy action online

U.S. Pain Foundation frequently creates online action campaigns with template letters you can sign and send to your representatives with just a few clicks.

GET STARTED: Visit uspainfoundation.org/advocacy/action-opportunities


Meet with or contact legislators directly

Your representatives want to hear from you! We can help you arrange a meeting with your federal or state representatives (or their staff members) to talk about your pain story and issues that are important to you.

GET STARTED: Visit uspainfoundation.org/advocacy/tracking to learn about bills in your state, and/or email contact@uspainfoundation.org for tips on getting a meeting with your legislator.


Host an in-person fundraising event

U.S. Pain Foundation relies on grants and donations to offer its programs and services. Hosting an in-person fundraising event in support of the organization can be fun and rewarding!

GET STARTED: Visit uspainfoundation.org/programs/fundraising/collaborations and/or contact casey@uspainfoundation.org


Host an online or Facebook fundraiser

Hosting a Facebook fundraiser is an easy way to raise funding for U.S. Pain Foundatio.

GET STARTED: Visit facebook.com/fund/U.S.PainFoundation


Again, these are just examples. We welcome your creative ideas on how to make a difference for the pain community!


Not a volunteer yet?