Message From The Founder


To my fellow friends in the fight against pain,

I want to thank you for visiting U.S. Pain Foundation and welcome you to our community of hope, inspiration and support. U.S. Pain is dedicated to empowering caregivers and those with pain: we are here to serve you.

As we all know, chronic pain is a national epidemic that affects nearly 100 million Americans. Being an organization created by people with pain for people with pain, it is our goal to advocate for those afflicted or affected by pain. Through support groups, advocacy workshops, INvisible Project events, webinars and an online support community called Heroes of Healing, we strive to connect the pain community so each person with pain feels supported, validated and recognized.

While I am proud to be the founder of a national pain organization, I consider myself a person with pain first. I not only empathize and relate to the struggle and isolation one endures, I also recognize the changes that must occur in order to make a difference. Through my personal experiences, I know how important it is for a person with pain to feel heard and understood. I still remember how I used to live in pain every day (view below “A Day In The Life Of Pain”); now I choose to live with pain every day. We need to know that we are not alone, and that we still matter.

It is my belief, and that of U.S. Pain Foundation, that each one of us plays an important role in generating positive change. Too often, we discredit our own ability to contribute to something great. We tell ourselves that we are in too much pain, we cannot travel, we do not have anything valuable to offer or experience that will help. Yet we forget how powerful we all are; we forget how the simplest of tasks add up to significant achievements. Just by sharing personal stories, making phone calls, educating friends and family or even connecting with others enduring the same trials and fears starts a grassroots movement.

Your strong voices, compassion and courage not only push U.S. Pain to action but also command national attention. The movement to create chronic pain awareness, empower survivors and advocate for new regulations is happening: it is happening because of you. I thank you again for joining U.S. Pain Foundation and becoming part of the solution. Together, we are shifting societal perceptions about pain … together, we are making a difference in the pain community.

Wishing you a low-pain and high-spirits day,

Paul Gileno

Founder & President

A Day In The Life of Pain by Paul Gileno