Pain Ambassador Network

Chronic pain patients are often ignored, misunderstood, and undertreated.

We must work together to change that.

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Become an ambassador

The U.S. Pain Ambassador Network isn’t just a network of volunteers–it’s a family. Many of our ambassadors form relationships with their fellow pain warrior that last a life time.

We also understand that, because of pain, finding the time and energy to volunteer can be difficult. That’s why our ambassador program is tailored to your needs and abilities. Many activities can be done from the comfort of your home. Examples of ambassador efforts:

  • Host an information table or awareness event in your community (can be at a hospital, a library, a statehouse… anywhere!)
  • Help distribute U.S. Pain materials and resources (e.g. ask to share with your doctor’s office, your local library, etc.)
  • Participate in different awareness campaigns year-round, such as Pain Awareness Month or KNOWvember
  • Participate in or host a fundraiser (online or in-person)

How it works:

  1. Sign up to become an ambassador by providing your email here. We’ll email you a link to an application questionnaire. It only takes about five minutes to complete..
  2. After you complete the questionnaire, you’ll become a “junior ambassador.”
  3. Complete three tasks as a junior ambassador to earn the “ambassador” title and receive a certificate and ambassador package!

Ambassadors are eligible for special benefits, like trainings, webinars, and conferences. We hope you’ll join our ambassador family! If you have questions, email or

Fill out a quick survey to become an ambassador!

Ambassador toolkit

Once you sign up as an ambassador, you will receive a welcome email and a password to access the ambassador toolkit, which has resources to help you to maximize your impact on behalf of the chronic pain community. If you already are an ambassador and haven’t received the password, email

Resources in the toolkit include:

  • Ways to engage
  • Proclamations resources
  • Beautify in Blue resources
  • Light up the Landmark resources
  • Media policy
  • Code of Conduct policy

And more!

Access the ambassador toolkit!

Current opportunities

-September is Pain Awareness Month, but preparations are currently in progress. We need your help to make this the biggest Pain Awareness Month yet! Details are available on our Pain Awareness Month website which we will continue to keep updated with the most up-to-date information.

  Here are a few ways you can help:

  • Request a proclamation or a letter of support if one has already been requested for your state. We need to show our elected officials the number of members in their community who live with conditions that cause pain. We will guide you through requesting this ceremonial document from your state and local offices.
  • Take part in our Beautify in Blue program to decorate your community in blue this September! This process may requires approval from your community so get permission now! We will provide you with the documents to request the required approval from your community as well as the materials to decorate! We will share the photos from decorating on our social media during September.
  • We need help on our team who is currently requesting landmarks and buildings light blue during September! The process varies from a phone call, email, or online form to request many of these locations. Our PAM team is ready to assist you in learning how to effectively request support. Help us light the night BLUE!
  • Are you a professional photographer or do you know of one who will be near any of our landmarks when they light blue in support of the pain community? Contact us if you can take photos, know someone who you could ask, or if you would like to help reach out to photographers in those areas to share who is supporting the pain community this September!
  • Would you like to host a table/fundraiser in September? Pair up with other ambassadors, friends and family. You can also offer to help another ambassador at an already established event because we always have more fun raising awareness in good company! If you are interested in participating, it is time to start contacting the location and establishing the date and time. Advanced preparation will help us to fill out any paperwork for your event, ensure that you have the necessary materials and are included on our calendar of events to make your efforts a success! Be sure to send us pictures so we can share pictures of you and your team in action!

-Migraine and Headache Disorder Awareness is in June.  Some of these activities need more advanced planning than others, but we are here to help you host a successful event!

  Here are a few ways to help:

-Register to attend our next Volunteer Webinar where you will get the most up to date information regarding what is happening within the U.S. Pain Foundation. In addition to department updates, each webinar has a presentation that relates to the pain community. If you are unable to attend live, we upload the past webinars for you to access at your convenience.

Don’t forget to keep us updated on your participation and what you are doing within the pain community. These forms are available through the Ambassador Toolkit. Please contact both Lori and Jacki for any questions about the Ambassador Program!

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Award Banner

The Joselynn Badman Ambassador of the Year Award

Nominations are being accepted NOW through Nov. 15, 2017.

A tribute to a fellow pain warrior who was active within U.S. Pain Foundation, The Joselynn Badman Ambassador of the Year Award is an annual recognition presented to a volunteer who has excelled in grassroots awareness and advocacy efforts for the pain community. The award is given to an ambassador and/or advocate who inspires others to make a positive difference by aligning with the organization’s mission to educate, connect, inform and empower pain warriors while advocating on behalf of the entire pain community.

How does the nomination process work?

U.S. Pain Foundation welcomes anyone to submit a nomination for an individual they feel deserves to be the recipient of this prestigious honor. The nominee, however, must be a pain ambassador, advocate and/or volunteer for U.S. Pain. The nomination committee is made up of five individuals from various departments within the organization, all of whom have direct contact with Pain Ambassadors and/or Advocates.

The nomination committee is charged with the following:

To select a U.S. Pain Foundation pain ambassador, advocate and/or volunteer who exemplifies a willingness to give back to the pain community through U.S. Pain Foundation-driven programs, initiatives and campaigns, while carrying out the organization’s mission to educate, connect, inform and empower those within the pain community.

Members of the nomination committee will additionally make its selection based on the nominee’s efforts and commitment of time, accomplishments, impact to the pain community and enhancement of the lives of others.

Nominations close on Nov. 15, 2017. Self-nominations are not permissible. The nominee will be notified that he/she has been recommended to receive the Ambassador of the Year Award and will then fill out additional information for the nomination committee to review.

Tips to make your nomination stand out

Make clear points.
Gain information about the nominee from others.
Create a unique picture of your nominee.
Keep it brief.



Past recipients

2016 Ambassador of the Year: Suzanne Stewart

Pain ambassador and advocate since 2015, Michigan.
Learn more about Suzanne.

Joselynn Badman image 

 About Joselynn Badman

An active and nurturing pain ambassador for several years, Joselynn Badman was an inspirational volunteer for others living with chronic pain who sought hope and support. Joselynn was able to provide comfort to those who felt their pain condition was not validated. A pain warrior since 2007, Joselynn learned to live life with pain and not in pain, despite the conditions she fought. While a volunteer for U.S. Pain Foundation, Joselynn was able to raise awareness within her state of Indiana, advocated for patient rights and educated others about issues impacting the chronic pain community.

In 2015, Joselynn courageously lost her pain battle, but her legacy lives on. Her willingness to always support the pain community for the greater good of others continues to shine throughout the efforts of the organization and those volunteers who were fortunate to have known Joselynn. She has inspired other ambassadors to become more actively involved with U.S. Pain Foundation initiatives and has touched the lives of each and every U.S. Pain team member.
U.S. Pain Foundation is honored to memorialize Joselynn’s dedication to the pain community through this unique and empowering award.