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U.S. Pain Foundation invites you to share your individual pain experiences with us. It is our hope that by sharing your story you are better able to recognize your own courage and strength. Just as we believe we each have a story to tell, U.S. Pain also believes we are all inspirations to one another. It is our stories that make a difference in the pain community. Each of us matters.

By sharing your story, U.S. Pain will mail you a package that includes resources, the most current INvisible Project magazine and a pain warrior bracelet. Thank you for utilizing your voice to educate and inspire others.

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We know it can be overwhelming, so here are a few suggestions on questions to help you begin! Again, share whatever feels right. We want to know how pain affects your life, about your dreams and hopes, concerns and fears, struggles and triumphs.

Questions to think about:

  • How long have you been living with pain?
  • How has pain affected your life?
  • What barriers, if any, have prevented you from receiving effective pain care?
  • What have been your experiences, positive and negative, when seeking treatments?
  • Have you found a treatment that brings relief?
  • What complementary therapies, if any, have you tried? And have they been helpful?
  • Do you still envision a better, pain-free future?

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