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  • Pain Society of Carolina's in Charleston
  • FREE 2 hour Workshop - Chronic Pain Support and Education
  • Tucson Pain Connection Chronic Pain Support Group
  • Ehlers Danlos Symposium
  • Arlington, MA Support Group Meeting
  • The DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia) Pain Connection Support Group
  • Evening Pain Connection Live Conference Calls
  • Middlesex County Support Group in CT
  • Afternoon Pain Connection Live Conference Calls


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U.S. Pain sponsors film project, “Becoming Incurable”

CrossFit fundraiser raises nearly $18,000

Denied treatment? This resource can help

U.S. Pain and 31 organizations speak out against repeal of patient access act

Rhode Island embraces chiropractic care to curb substance abuse

ACA enrollment deadline: Dec. 15

Group aims to put patients at center of assessing healthcare value

Pain Warrior of the Month: Krista Brack

No-cost charitable giving when you shop with

Five KNOWvember educational webinar recordings available

Director of NIH speaks at top pain policy meeting

Learn about complementary medicine this KNOWvember

New coalition calls for balanced aproach to opioids

Volunteer webinar: “How to talk about pain so your doctor will listen”

#MakeitVisible brings invisible illness to the forefront

Pain Warrior of the Month: Noelle Chelli Lopez

Ambassador of the Year Award nominations open

Partnering with hospitals and clinics to share the U.S. Pain mission

Coalition applauds Florida bill to prevent medication interruptions

New York adds protections for patients on biologics

#DontMix campaign urges caution with meds and alcohol

Understanding the new CVS opioid policy

Medical cannabis webinar recording available

Volunteers raise awareness across the country during PAM

Educating the next generation of physical therapists

Pain Warrior of the Month: Timothy Eli Addo

U.S. Pain goes international

Illinois governor signs network transparency bill into law

Two new online resources available

U.S. Pain announces theme for KNOWvember campaign

Join the #MakeItVisible movement

Watch U.S. Pain’s president and founder on Facebook Live

U.S. Pain Foundation takes lead on national Pain Awareness Month effort

Despite opposition, CMS to replace pain questions on major survey

U.S. Pain and Quell partner to offer fundraiser, discount

Take action to help patients affected by Hurricane Harvey

30-Day Challenges features giveaways, resources

National TV commercial airs

Pain Warrior of the Month: Wendy Berggren Foster

U.S. Pain Advocacy Network revitalizes national coalition

New U.S. Pain online tool: “Find a Specialist”

September volunteer webinar features medical cannabis expert

Speaking out on the ACA repeal

A proactive step in fighting the opioid crisis

Opioid taxation bills raise concerns

U.S. pain launches bimonthly volunteer webinars

Nine ways to participate in Pain Awareness Month

Pain Warrior of the Month: Third Annual Pediatric Pain Camp attendees

INvisible Project: RA/RD edition released

Speaking out on health care reform

Roundtable discusses benefits of abuse-deterrent formularies

CT law to end prohibition on pharmacists sharing cost-saving information

Alex & Ani fundraiser works like a charm

Take action on medical cannabis access

Ty Cashman’s pointers on hosting a Points for Pain game

Continuity of care panel raises awareness in Pennsylvania

Understanding the BCRA

Queens Knocks Out RSD shines despite rain

NIH releases plan for pain research

Pain Warrior of the Month: Michele Rice

Hemmenway receives Unsung Hero Award

Feeling alone? Check out Pain Connection

Why one ambassador participates in PAM

Steinberg presents at NIH Pain Consortium Symposium

State advocacy update: biologics & interchangeable biosimilars

Migraine and Headache Awareness Month

Join the June Happiness Challenge

Top five ways to get involved with PAM 2017!

“Don’t Switch Me” campaign launches

INvisible Project migraine and headache edition published

Pain Warrior of the Month: Jeannette Rotondi

Telemedicine: Breaking down barriers to care

NPS event provides encouraging update

Take action on proposed changes to pain assessmment survey

U.S. Pain program, Points for Pain, honored by New York Yankees

Iowa patients celebrate passage of fail first reform bill into law

Future of live-saving health coverage unknown to millions

Pain Warrior of the Month: Dawn Stancliff

U.S. Pain relaunches educational website to Learn about your Pain

Update on nonmedical switching efforts

Speaking out on federal issues

Advocating for safer medications at the FDA

Tune in to two key federal pain policy events in May

Fun & easy ways to fundraise

Five ways to get involved in Migraine and Headache Awareness Month

U.S. Pain appointed to NCPIE board of directors

Lenox Smith speaks at largest medical cannabis conference

PAINS releases annual report: “Lost in Chaos: The State of Chronic Pain in 2016”

Pain warrior of the month: Crystal Grieves

Take Control of Your Pain takes to White Plains

Nonmedical switching efforts continue

Sharing the stories of patients who rely on biosimilars

Gileno & Steinberg honored with prestigious award

U.S. Pain volunteers take swift action at federal level

New CT chronic pain support group

INvisible project expands to two issues this year

Last call for migraine proclamations!

Responding to the ACA repeal debate

Pain Warriors of the Month: Laurie and Shawn Dickens

U.S. Pain launches support group training program

Volunteers advocate for headache, rare diseases

Action needed today on CMS proposal

VA restricts opioids for veterans and military service members

Biosimilars legislation sweeping across the country

Points for Pain raises nearly $9,000 in three games

Non-medical switching bills announced in three more states

200 patient groups send letter to HHS Secretary

Celebrating U.S. Pain’s 2016 achievements

Attend Take Control of Your Pain on April 2

Illinois lawmakers announce bill to enhance consumer safety protections

TN Patient & Provider Groups Applaud Legislation to Protect Against Unfair & Unsafe Prescription Coverage Reductions

Migraine and headache patients fight back with Headache on the Hill, Migraine Awareness Month

Learn about the bills U.S. Pain is tracking in your state

Responses needed: take a survey on an unfair insurance tactic

Pain patient rights bill introduced in MA

CMS publishes new strategy to combat opioid misuse

Cindy Steinberg featured in The Boston Globe, selected for AAPM honor

U.S. Pain speaks out on potential ACA repeal, FDA biosimilars naming guidelines

Crazy Sock Day & Walk a crazy-success

Get involved with Rare Disease Day 2017

U.S. Pain partners with #CreakyJoints on Twitter chat

Finding positivity in pain

New York pain patients ring in the New Year with step therapy reform

Year in review: A letter from Paul Gileno

Announcing the Ambassador of the Year: Suzanne Stewart

Support U.S. Pain’s mission through fundraising

Shaina Smith presents at Summit on Balanced Pain Management

NY approves medicinal marijuana for chronic pain

AAPM honors Paul Gileno with Presidential Commendation

Medicare Part B demo defeated

21st Century Cures Act becomes law

Elementary School Child Raises Thousands of Dollars to Support Children Living with Chronic Pain

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Media coverage

Explore recent media coverage and op-eds.


“Spoonies” share tips to enjoy Turkey Day
Huffington Post
Nov. 21
Quotes Cindy Steinberg, national director of policy and advocacy.

The pain pendulum
Nov. 16
Quotes IL ambassador and INvisible Project consultant, Jenni Grover.

Chronic pain advocates attend event at State House
Nov. 20
Coverage of U.S. Pain Foundation and the Hope Collective second annual event.

They live with chronic pain. They’re treated like addicts.
Indy Star
Nov. 5
Quotes Paul Gileno, president and founder of U.S. Pain

Chronic pain sufferers feel new regulations on opioid prescriptions
Daily Press
Oct. 14
Quotes U.S. Pain position statement.

Sessions seeks to end protection for medical marijuana
Pain News Network
Oct. 11
Article by Ellen Lenox Smith, co-director of the U.S. Pain Medical Cannabis program.

Pain Awareness Month, the Opioid Crisis, and Remembering the Patient
Morning Consult
Sept. 26
Op-ed by Paul Gileno, president and founder of U.S. Pain

Many with chronic illness denied prescriptions in fight against opioids
Worcester Telegram
Sept. 23
Quotes Cindy Steinberg, National Director of Advocacy and Policy

Vegas welcome sign goes blue for Pain Awareness Month
CBS Las Vegas
Sept. 18
Features U.S. Pain PAM efforts

Pain patients caught in the opioid epidemic
reenville Online
Sept. 15
Quotes Paul Gileno, President and Founder of U.S. Pain

Pain is an equalizer
National Pain Report
Sept. 15
Op-ed by Paul Gileno, President and Founder of U.S. Pain

24 Healthcare Stakeholders Sign Letter to Provide Support to Hurricane Victims
National Pain Report
Sept. 12
Article by Shaina Smith, director of State Advocacy and Alliance Development

VA Studies Find Little Evidence for Medical Cannabis
Pain News Network
Aug. 14
Quotes U.S. Pain Medical Cannabis Co-Director Ellen Lenox Smith

Bread from the Bronx to Danbury bakery
News Times
Aug. 17
Article discussing CT bakery raising funds for U.S. Pain, led by Jennifer Connolly, a U.S. Pain staff member

U.S. Pain Foundation Opioid-Induced Constipation Survey
National Pain Report
Aug. 20
Highlights U.S. Pain survey (now closed)

Pain Awareness Month, Take Our Hand!
National Pain Report
Aug. 22
Op-ed by MI Ambassador Suzanne Stewart

NeuroMetrix Teams Up with U.S. Pain Foundation to Raise Awareness of Chronic Pain
Business Wire
Aug. 29
Highlights U.S. Pain and NeuroMetrix (Quell) partnership.

The Art of Learning Compassion
National Pain Report
July 17
Article by Suzanne Stewart, U.S. Pain ambassador.

Is it Safe to Use Cannabis with THC?
Pain News Network
July 22
Article by Ellen Lenox Smith, co-director of U.S. Pain Medical Cannabis program.

U.S. Pain Foundation issues press release regarding “skinny repeal”
Pain News Network
July 29

INvisible Project: An interview with Nicole Hemmenway
June 8
Features Nicole Hemmenway, vice president of U.S. Pain

Let’s eliminate the pharmaceutical ‘gag order’ that costs patients money
CT Mirror
May 31
Op-ed by Shaina Smith, director of State Advocacy and Alliance Development

Yankees honor charitable teen on fifth day of HOPE week
Newsday, May 26
Highlights Tyler Cashman and Points for Pain. Also featured here: Tewksbury teen honored by YankeesHOPE Week concludes with Points for Pain; and Yankees honor teen for efforts to raise awareness about pain

New York must further expand its medical marijuana program
May 25
Op-ed by Elleon Lenox Smith, director of Medical Cannabis program

Healthcare reform must end interference in the doctor-patient relationship
Washington Examiner
May 22
Op-ed by pain ambassador Lynn Julian Crisci

Iowa governor signs fail first bill into law
National Pain Report
May 12
U.S. Pain press release

Using over-the-counter analgesics safely: What patients don’t but should know
May 4
Commentary related to U.S. Pain OTC study

Doctors, lawmakers urge alternatives to painkillers
Gloucester Times
March 26
Quotes Cindy Steinberg

Reluctance from New Mexico Lawmakers to Pass Step Therapy (Fail First) Bill Once Again Poses Health Implications for Chronic Pain Patients
National Pain Report
March 23
Article by Shaina Smith

Tewksbury Fine Wines & Spirits sponsoring ‘Taste of Tewksbury’ on March 25
March 15, 2017
Regarding U.S. Pain-related fundraiser

The California Doctors Who Found a Way to Quit Overprescribing Opioids
The Atlantic
March 8, 2017
Quotes Paul Gileno

Proposed NJ opioid solution is only a Band-Aid
Feb. 13, 2017
Op-ed by Shaina Smith

With Gratitude From a Pain Ambassador
National Pain Report
Feb. 11, 2017
Written by ambassador Suzanne Stewart

Rep. Bryan Terry, M.D. Files the Reliable Coverage Act
WGNS News Radio
Feb. 13, 2017
Features Shaina Smith

Connecticut Takes Step in the Right Direction to Protect Pain Patients
National Pain Report
Feb. 9, 2017
Article by Shaina Smith

CT bill would limit changes to health plans’ drug coverage
Hartford Business Journal
Feb. 8, 2017
Mentions U.S. Pain

New Rules Aim to Keep Patients on Medications That Work
Feb. 2, 2017
Features Emily Lemiska

Why the word “Repeal” receives a negative response from patients
National Pain Report
Jan. 11, 2017
Article by Shaina Smith

Doctors are cutting opioids, even if it harms patients
The Boston Globe
Jan. 3, 2017
Features Cindy Steinberg

Pain Sufferers in New York Ring in the New Year with Appeal of Step Therapy Law
National Pain Report
Jan. 3, 2017
Article by Shaina Smith


Medicare’s Part B demo defeated but requires vigilance
The Hill
Dec. 21, 2016
Op-ed by Paul Gileno

Insurers are charging more for less coverage
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Nov. 29, 2016
Op-ed by Paul Gileno

Tewksbury teen starts charity for children suffering from chronic pain
Hunterdon Review
Nov. 28, 2016
Features Tyler & Casey Cashman

My Turn: Insurers have no place in the examination room
Concord Monitor
Nov. 26, 2016
Op-ed by Paul Gileno

New York Residents with Chronic Pain Deserve Affordable Treatments While Curbing Abuse
National Pain Report
Nov. 22, 2016
Article by Shaina Smith

Patient Organizations Should Embrace the Challenges Ahead: The First Step is Unifying Our Movement
National Pain Report
Nov. 19, 2016
Article by Shaina Smith

New Jersey is being Reactive Instead of Proactive
National Pain Report
Nov. 15, 2016
Article by Shaina Smith

Here’s What We Can Do About The Chronic Pain Epidemic
Huffington Post
Nov. 10, 2016
Mentions Cindy Steinberg

Stop Insurers From Violating Sacred Doctor-Patient Relationship
Morning Consult
October 19, 2016
Op-ed by Paul Gileno

Training in pain management is not a top priority
September 11, 2016
Features Cindy Steinberg

Side effect of drug fight means some are left to suffer
September 10, 2016
Features Emily Lemiska and Cindy Steinberg

Survey: 1 in 5 adults disregard safety when using over-the-counter pain meds
Safety and Health Magazine
August 31, 2016
Quotes Paul Gileno

A National Campaign Calls for Investment in Pain Research and Access to Pain Therapies
National Pain Report
Aug. 31, 2016
Features People with Pain Matter program

High costs curb doctors’ ability to find opioid alternatives
Washington Times
June 20, 2016
Quotes Cindy Steinberg

ER Doctors Lobby to Silence Pain Patients
Pain News Network
April 4, 2016
Quotes Cindy Steinberg

Opinion: It’s Time for the Pain Community to Organize!
National Pain Report
March 31, 2016
Op-ed by Paul Gileno

Survey: Pain Patients Give Hospitals Low Marks
Managed Care
March 29, 2016
Quotes Cindy Steinberg

From Patient to Advocate: A Chat with Cindy Steinberg
Feb. 15, 2016
Interview with Cindy Steinberg

Pain Patients Ignored in Reaction to Super Bowl Ad
Pain News Network
February 9, 2016
Op-ed by Nicole Hemmenway

Bill Maher’s Reaction to OIC Super Bowl Ad Gets Its Own Reaction
National Pain Report
February 9, 2016
Features Paul Gileno

In the shadow of an opioid crisis, Super Bowl ad spotlights chronic pain patients
STAT news
February 8, 2016
Quotes Paul Gileno

Chronic Pain Series – Stories of Struggle and Hope
January 11-16, 2016

Ellen Lenox Smith: Medical marijuana has made me productive citizen
Providence Journal
Jan. 11, 2016
Op-ed by Ellen Lenox Smith


Bold bid to rein in painkiller prescriptions hits roadblocks
Dec. 19, 2015
Mentions U.S. Pain

U.S. Pain Foundation asks patients “What should we be working on?”
National Pain Report
Dec. 5, 2015
Features U.S. Pain

How Chronic Pain Made Me a Health Warrior
November 5, 2015
Article by Paul Gileno

Are the CDC Opioid Guidelines Really Voluntary?
Pain News Network
October 8, 2015
Quotes Shaina Smith

CDC Opioid Guidelines Being Revised
Pain News Network
October 6, 2015
Quotes Shaina Smith

How Nicole Hemmenway Transformed Pain into Inspiration
USA Today

September 29, 2015
Interview with Nicole Hemmenway

Pain by the Numbers
MedPage Today
August 25, 2015
Features Paul Gileno

Commission to seek painkillers more resistant to abuse in face of addiction crisis
Mass Live
Aug. 6, 2015
Mentions Cindy Steinberg

Chronic Pain Patients Feeling Discomfort to Being Ignored
June 29, 2015
National Pain Report
Features Paul Gileno

Seeing Pain
Dana Foundation
March 20, 2015
Features Cindy Steinberg

Medication provision spurs anger
Albany Times Union

March 9, 2015
Features Paul Gileno

Op-Ed: Abuse deterrent drugs could improve life, health, in Connecticut
CT Mirror
January 26, 2015
Op-ed by Paul Gileno

2014 & earlier

Consumer Reports slams opioids

San Diego Union Tribune
July 31, 2014
Quotes Cindy Steinberg

Pain Foundation says debate out of balance
May 1, 2014
Features Cindy Steinberg

The Day the Filing Cabinets Fell on Cindy Steinberg
Psychology Today
Dec. 9, 2013
Features Cindy Steinberg