On Dec. 14, U.S. Pain President and Founder Paul Gileno was announced as a recipient of the American Academy of Pain Medicine’s (AAPM) 2017 Presidential Commendation. Gileno was selected by AAPM President Daniel Carr for his “leadership advocating on behalf of the many individuals who daily live with pain.” Gileno will receive the award March 17 during the group’s annual meeting in Florida.

AAPM“I am incredibly honored to receive this award,” says Gileno. “U.S. Pain and the AAPM have a history of collaborating to improve the lives of chronic pain patients. To create positive change for our community, patients and clinicians need to work together. The AAPM truly understands this and does an amazing job to ensure patients’ needs and perspectives are reflected in all of their efforts.”

The Presidential Commendation was established in 2006. Past recipients include members of congress, clinician, researchers, author, and other key influencers in pain medicine.