Suzanne Stewart, with her husband, at the event.

Suzanne Stewart, a U.S. Pain ambassador for Michigan and the Joselynn Badmann Pain Ambassador of the Year, hosted a fundraiser on July 13 at the Alex & Ani store in Novi, Michigan.

Alex & Ani events are just one of many fundraisers U.S. Pain ambassadors can host to benefit the organization, which depends on donations and grants. Through the Alex & Ani fundraising program, “Charmed by Charity,” 15 percent of the sales during the three-hour time slot went to U.S. Pain.

“You might think that you couldn’t possibly pull off something like this by yourself,” says Stewart. “But planning a fundraiser isn’t difficult when you have the help of many people. You don’t feel like you’re all alone.”

During the event, Stewart sat at a table and handed out information about U.S. Pain.

“Many people stopped by the awareness table that was set up right in the center of the store,” adds Stewart. “A lot of visitors thought the pain warrior bracelets were awesome and took one for themselves or someone that they knew who was a chronic pain patient. Even the store personnel had a great time at the event. They were chatting and telling their own stories of chronic pain.”

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