The U.S. Pain Foundation is pleased to announce its new campaign and related website, “Don’t Switch Me,” to fight back against insurers forcing medically stable patients off the prescription treatments that manage their chronic conditions.

Right now, in most states, insurers can force patients off of medications they’ve been stable on– even for years – at almost any time. The practice of forcing patients onto insurer-preferred drugs, instead of what clinicians prescribe, is commonly known as “nonmedical switching.” It is considered “nonmedical” switching because the switch is the result of financial reasons, not medical ones.

Multiple studies have found that nonmedical switching can result in poorer health outcomes and increased overall costs, among other consequences.

“The U.S. Pain Foundation is one of numerous patient, clinician, and health care organizations that oppose nonmedical switching,” says Shaina Smith, director of state advocacy and alliance development. “We’ve launched ‘Don’t Switch Me’ in an effort to raise awareness and provide a centralized resource for both individual patients and like-minded partner groups.”

Some of the key features for the site include a myth vs. fact page; a legislative map; a repository for recent research and reports; information on appealing a forced switch; and a 10-minute survey.

“We are confident that this new site will serve as an educational resource for patients, caregivers and lawmakers to gain further insight as to how nonmedical switching impacts all consumers, including those with chronic conditions,” Smith notes.

To visit the site, click here.