Two major media outlets serving the pain community, PainPathways Magazine and National Pain Report, will now be joining forces with U.S. Pain Foundation.

“We are very excited to begin collaborating with these two amazing publications,” says Paul Gileno, president and founder of U.S. Pain. “We hope we’ll be able to better connect them with our patient community, so that more people can benefit from the information and insight they provide.”

PainPathways Magazine is a quarterly publication with 63,000 printed copies annually and a readership of nearly 7 million. Each issue features stories about the latest in pain management and self-management techniques. It also highlights profiles of prominent individuals living with pain, from Lou Ferrigno to Henry VIII. Previously, PainPathways was the official magazine of the World Institute of Pain.

With the tagline “What you don’t know can hurt you,” National Pain Report is the leading website for chronic pain news coverage. Its primary topics include public policy that affects people with pain and developments in pain care. It also features highly popular columns written by pain patients, some of whom are U.S. Pain volunteers or staff, as well as pain clinicians.

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