Pediatric Pain Warrior

Dealing with pain is hard for anyone, but especially children. When a child is afflicted, pain not only affects him or her, but also the entire family. As we know, pain is still poorly misunderstood and inadequately treated in adults. The lack of recognition and help is magnified tenfold when children are concerned. This results in a complex maze of navigating the medical system, the school system, and the everyday struggles of growing up.

The Pediatric Pain Warrior program assists children in finding a network of support and community through:

  • Online resources
  • 2016 Invisible Project: Kids and Family edition
  • Take Control Of Your Pain pediatric days
  • Pediatric Pain Family Week (Weeklong Camp at The Center For Courageous Kids)

In order to help families obtain the support they need, U.S. Pain teams with The Coalition Against Pediatric Pain (TCAPP). TCAPP is an organization committed to supporting and uniting families affected by pediatric pain, advocating for children in pain by increasing awareness of their needs, educating others regarding their long-term consequences of pediatric pain, funding research dedicated to pediatric pain conditions and providing sources to families and professionals.

TCAPP_tagline_4C copyU.S. Pain Foundation is proud to partner with TCAPP, supporting its mission and cause to help children living with pain as well their families. If you are a parent or loved one of a child living with chronic pain, we encourage you to visit The Coalition Against Pediatric Pain. ( 

 You are not alone in this journey