City & state: Los Angeles, CA

Age: 37

Role: U.S. Pain ambassador/advocate since 2019

Health conditions: Anxiety, endometriosis, spastic pelvic floor syndrome, IBS, Sjogren’s, and vestibular and chronic intractable migraine.

Tip for pain warriors: “I bought an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) workbook from Amazon and write in a daily gratitude journal that both helped tremendously with my depression and anxiety.”

Fun fact: “I was a classical ballerina for 15 years.”

LaQuinda has been a patient advocate for several years before joining U.S. Pain last year. She was selected as a participant in the recent INvisible Project: Migraine and Headache 4th Edition, sharing her story of living with both vestibular and chronic, intractable migraine. She also was an active member of U.S. Pain’s first-ever Virtual Advocacy Training last month. Most recently, as part of Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, she was a panelist for a webinar, “Addressing Health Care Disparities in Migraine and Headache Care.” LaQuinda is an inspirational leader in the chronic pain space who continuously and courageously shares her story and uses her voice for change.