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In The News

  • Webinar featuring two researchers on COVID-19 and chronic pain

  • With the constant stream of information about COVID-19, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction.

    Tomorrow night at 7 pm ET, you’re invited to a Zoom webinar designed to give you an evidence-based understanding of COVID-19 and its impact specifically on people with chronic pain.

    Our esteemed speakers are:

    • Ed Bilsky, PhD, Provost, Chief Academic Officer, and Professor of Biomedical Sciences at Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences
    • Meghan May, PhD, Professor of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases at the University of New England

    Dr. Bilsky focuses on chronic pain, while Dr. May is an expert on infectious disease.

    Read More

  • Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional: A meditation on mindfulness

  • By Mia Maysack

    A loved one recently used the word “suffering” while expressing their thoughts on my situation.  Yes, it does feel like agony at times, but I no longer embrace that word as a part of my personal terminology, therefore, I affirm that by making it known to others.

    How can anyone know what our wants/needs are unless we convey them?

    Furthermore, how do we go about conveying something we ourselves might not even know??

    Read More

  • Pediatric Pain Warriors host online talent show

  • In an effort to create a sense of community during a time of isolation and uncertainty, the Pediatric Pain Warrior Program held a virtual talent show on March 29 via video conference call.

    A total of 13 performers showcased their talents, including singing, dancing, archery, and art.

    “It was so great to see these kids connect with one another in such a positive way! You could see how empowering it was for these kids to share their talents with each other and to have a platform to do so,” says Beth Young, whose daughter, Emma Parcells, participated in the talent show. “When I heard my daughter sing and be happy, it made me cry. In these uncertain times for us all, I watched these kids coming together and supporting each other in such a positive way. It was the best distraction from what we have to face every day.”

    Read More


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The INvisible Project uses photography and story to illustrate the struggles of those living with pain and chronic medical conditions.

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Learn about Your Pain is a comprehensive guide to the multitude of conditions that cause pain.

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Take Control Of Your Pain

Take Control Of Your Pain are patient-education days for pain warriors and care champions to learn tools to empower them to take control of their personal pain and medical journeys.

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