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In The News

  • Join our last #NeuromodulationKnowledge event!

  • It’s one thing to hear about implanted neuromodulation from clinicians—but it’s another to hear about it directly from patients who have personal experience.

    Join us tonight

    Learn about implanted neuromodulation during a patient panel discussion tonight at 8 pm ET! We’ll be discussing what to ask your doctor about this category of treatment, considerations for choosing a device, and more. We’ll also answer questions live from the audience.

    Read More

  • A pharmacist answers your OTC questions

  • In October, U.S. Pain hosted a webinar, “Pain relief in your pharmacy aisle: A pharmacist discusses OTC options,” with Jeffrey Fudin, PharmD. The discussion covered different classes of over-the-counter (OTC) medications, what may work best for certain types of pain, the pros and cons of various delivery methods, how to avoid side effects and interactions, and more. During the webinar, patients in the audience asked a number of questions, but we weren’t able to get to all of them. Fortunately, Himayapsill Batista Quevedo, PharmD, in collaboration with Dr. Fudin, have put together answers to some of those questions below. We’ve arranged them into four categories: efficacy; specific indications; topical medications; and side effects and risks.

    Read More

  • The pandemic, chronic pain, purpose, and hope

  • By: Ellen Lenox Smith

    We are all coping with different issues as a result of the pandemic. These issues range from housing and living situations, reduction or loss of employment, child care, education with some experiencing virtual learning, financial issues, and isolation from family and friends while attempting to remain safe. However, those of us also living with chronic pain have to add this coping to our list.

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