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In The News

  • Learn how to use mindfulness to reduce pain and stress on July 17

  • The U.S. Pain Foundation is excited to present the next event in its bimonthly webinar series, “From ow to om: Using mindfulness to reduce pain and stress,” featuring Gwenn Herman, LCSW, DCSW. Herman is the clinical director for U.S. Pain’s Pain Connection program, a network of support groups and other resources for people with pain.

    During July’s webinar, to be held on the 17 from 1 to 2 pm EST, Herman will focus on using meditation and mindfulness to lower pain and stress levels. She will discuss the science behind mindfulness, different techniques, and lead attendees in a guided meditation. There is a great deal of scientific data to support the positive effects of mindfulness meditation for people suffering from chronic pain, and this free webinar is a rare opportunity to learn from someone who intimately understands these health issues.

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  • Millions in federal funding earmarked for pain research

  • In April at the National Rx Drug Abuse Summit and in a recent Journal of American Medical Association article, Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), announced a bold new initiative to advance addiction and pain research called “Helping to End Addiction Long-term,” or the HEAL Initiative. Congress has added $500 million to NIH’s budget to pay for this initiative.

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  • Bridging the gap between clinicians and patients

  • Ever wished your clinician had more time to explain your symptoms? Or wished they wouldn’t use complicated terms or acronyms? Maybe you wish they were able to speak more concretely about how your condition would affect your daily life. A new program, MedicineX, aims to bridge this gap in health care by using pictures and carefully written stories to make complicated medicine accessible and understandable for the average patient.

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A Few U.S. Pain Programs


INvisible Project

The INvisible Project uses photography and story to illustrate the struggles of those living with pain and chronic medical conditions.

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Learn About Your Pain

Learn about Your Pain is a comprehensive guide to the multitude of conditions that cause pain.

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Take Control Of Your Pain

Take Control Of Your Pain are patient-education days for pain warriors and care champions to learn tools to empower them to take control of their personal pain and medical journeys.

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Pain Medicine 411

Pain Medicine 411 shares credible information regarding medication safety.

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An organization created by people with pain for people with pain, U.S. Pain recognizes and validates the challenges 100 million Americans endure every day. We therefore strive to be the leading source of support for care champions and those living with pain conditions.

U.S. Pain is here to offer hope, present information, share stories and honor those whose lives have been affected by pain.