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Private donors

U.S. Pain Foundation is extremely appreciative of every donation made to the organization, no matter how large or small. Thank you for recognizing the the challenges those with pain regularly endure, and supporting our efforts to help people with pain.

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Corporate partners

U.S. Pain Foundation is grateful to its corporate sponsors, all of whom are valuable partners in improving care for the pain community. Below, you can learn more about the companies that support our various programs.

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INvisible Project
U.S. Pain Foundation’s flagship program, the Invisible Project, creates chronic pain awareness through the stories and photographs of real people living with pain.

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Educational programs and events
Education is essential to quality of life. U.S. Pain offers numerous educational programs and events, including Living Well with Chronic Pain, webinars, and more.


U.S. Pain empowers volunteers to advocate on the state and federal levels through its Advocacy Network, Headache on the Hill, webinars, and more.

Pain Awareness Month
Each September, U.S. Pain develops a campaign to inspire, education, and connect people with pain.

KNOWvember is a month-long educational campaign for the pain community. Each November, the organization chooses a theme for the month in an effort to provide specific, helpful information through virtual events and social media posts.

Pain Connection
Pain Connection is a national network of in-person and telephone support groups, along with support group leader trainings, developed by a licensed social worker.


Pediatric Pain Warriors Program
Kids with pain need specialized support. U.S. Pain offers a program dedicated to children with pain and their families, called Pediatric Pain Warriors.

In-kind or general donations



2019 990 Information Return and Audited 2019 Financial Statements

2018 990 Information Return and Audited 2018 Financial Statements

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