Managing fibromyalgia in children

By Brent Wells, DC, a chiropractor and founder of Better Health Chiropractic in Anchorage

If your child feels tired and achy, you may not worry initially. After all, there’s nothing urgent about what seems to be mild, general discomfort. However, if your child is constantly in pain, exhausted, having trouble sleeping, and experiencing intense moods, he/she may have fibromyalgia.

This condition is fairly common in adults, but parents and clinicians may overlook the possibility of juvenile primary fibromyalgia syndrome — that is, fibromyalgia in children.

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Some states are taking a proactive approach to curbing and managing substance abuse disorders, aiming to provide nonpharmacological care for underlying pain problems.

Rhode Island’s Gov.Gina Raimondo signed legislation that requires insurers to cover chiropractic treatment for pain for individuals with substance use disorders. Under the new law, patients who seek such care must have insurance and the therapy must be medically necessary for licensed chiropractors to receive reimbursement.

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