It’s one thing to hear about implanted neuromodulation from clinicians—but it’s another to hear about it directly from patients who have personal experience.

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Learn about implanted neuromodulation during a patient panel discussion tonight at 8 pm ET! We’ll be discussing what to ask your doctor about this category of treatment, considerations for choosing a device, and more. We’ll also answer questions live from the audience.

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Join us Nov. 12 at 1 pm ET for our next #NeuromodulationKnowledge webinar, “TENS to SCS: What type of neuromodulation is right for me?” with Michael Leong, MD.

As Director of Neuromodulation at Stanford University, Dr. Leong is an expert in this unique field of treatment. He’ll be discussing external and implanted neuromodulation therapies from head to toe, including TENS units, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, vagus nerve stimulation, spinal cord stimulation, peripheral nerve stimulation, intrathecal pumps, and more! He’ll also offer considerations for using each type and answer your questions live.

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We’re kicking off our #NeuromodulationKnowledge campaign with a Twitter chat tonight at 8 pm ET.

Our featured participants are the International Neuromodulation Society, Paul Christo, MD, and For Grace. But the conversation is open to all!

To participate or follow along, just look for the hashtag #PainChat or visit our Twitter page, @US_Pain. We’ll be talking about the science behind neuromodulation, the pros and cons, what patients should know, and more.

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