Pain Awareness Month may have come to a close, but the need for improved care and increased understanding about pain continues.

“We are so appreciative of everyone who took part in our Pain Awareness Month #MyPainPlan campaign, whether joining an event, exploring, securing a proclamation, taking part in the My Marathon fundraiser, or helping spread the word on social media,” says Nicole Hemmenway, CEO of U.S. Pain Foundation. “We are especially grateful to our sponsor, Sunbeam®, for their generous support of all our activities throughout the month.”

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Have you started your pain plan yet?

Created by the U.S. Pain Foundation, is an interactive site that allows users to learn about pain management options and create a personalized list of which treatments they’d like to try. The list can then be saved and/or printed for personal use or to share with a health care provider.

“As pain patients ourselves, we know it can be difficult to find credible information about treatment options all in one place,” says Nicole Hemmenway, CEO of U.S. Pain. “We created this site so that patients feel more empowered about the therapies available for relief. We also wanted to draw attention to the fact that the most effective pain care is individualized, multidisciplinary, and combines various treatment options.”

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Pain Awareness Month starts NOW!

We are delighted to launch our 2020 Pain Awareness Month campaign in collaboration with Sunbeam®, this year’s presenting sponsor. (Read the press release here!)

Our theme for 2020 is #MyPainPlan and will focus on the vital importance of an individualized, multidisciplinary, multimodal approach to pain care—as well as the barriers patients face in accessing this type of care. Below, we detail four important ways to get involved.

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MIDDLETOWN, Conn., Aug. 31, 2020 — According to a survey of 1,581 individuals with chronic pain, the majority (94%) face barriers to pain management, whether because of cost, insurance limits, mobility issues, or other reasons. In particular, 72% of respondents were not able to afford multidisciplinary care options, the type of care widely viewed as best practice.

Released this week in honor of September as Pain Awareness Month, the survey is part of a national campaign to call attention to challenges in accessing pain management. The effort is a collaboration between the U.S. Pain Foundation, a nonprofit organization for the 50 million Americans with chronic pain, and Sunbeam®, a maker of electric appliances, including heat therapy products.

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U.S. Pain Foundation is pleased to share a sneak preview of its 2020 Pain Awareness Month campaign, which begins Sept. 1. This year’s theme is #MyPainPlan and will focus on the vital importance of an individualized, multidisciplinary, multimodal approach to pain care.

The 2020 campaign is made possible through the generous sponsorship of Sunbeam®, a manufacturer of electric appliances, including heat therapy products.

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Thanks to its dedicated volunteers, U.S. Pain Foundation’s 2019 Pain Awareness Month campaign, #LetsTalkAboutPain, was the most robust yet. All of the month’s activities—from educational events to the daily social media challenge—were possible through the generosity of Thrive Tape, makers of a far-infrared kinesiology tape.

“We chose the theme because we believe that speaking up about personal experiences is the first step to creating awareness and change,” says Interim CEO Nicole Hemmenway. “We are incredibly grateful to our supportive, passionate community for bringing pain to the forefront throughout September, and to Thrive Tape for providing the funding to support these efforts.”

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Four days left!

At U.S. Pain Foundation, we deeply believe in the power of sharing patient stories. Talking about our experiences with pain helps us to educate others, to create change, and to offer hope. That’s why our theme for Pain Awareness Month 2019, which begins Sunday, is #LetsTalkAboutPain.

This year, we have dozens of opportunities for you to help bring pain to the forefront of public conversations, ranging from our daily storyathon to social media giveaways to weekly events.

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Middletown, Conn. (Aug. 27, 2019) – An estimated 50 million Americans live with some form of chronic pain. Pain is the leading cause of long-term disability, costs the United States up to $635 billion a year, and is the number one reason Americans visit the doctor. Yet there’s an incredible lack of awareness about pain as a public health issue.

“The only way we can create change is if we start speaking up–to loved ones, coworkers, neighbors, clinicians, and even policymakers,” says Nicole Hemmenway, Interim CEO of U.S. Pain Foundation, the leading national nonprofit for people with pain. “Pain is silent, but we don’t have to be.”

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