U.S. Pain Foundation is pleased to announce its 2018 Joselynn Badmann Ambassador of the Year is Dawn Stancliff. Stancliff has been an ambassador and advocate for the U.S. Pain Foundation since 2014 and has lived with chronic pain her entire adult life. In 2018 alone, Stancliff connected with thousands of patients through events she hosted and attended as a U.S. Pain ambassador and advocate.

“This year has been the most rewarding year yet for me with the US Pain Foundation,” says Stancliff. “I feel that everything I speak about to pain patients align with U.S. Pain, as my core values align with those of U.S. Pain. The mission of the U.S. Pain Foundation is truly my life’s mission.”

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U.S. Pain is sponsoring the upcoming feature-length film, Becoming Incurable, which follows the lives of three patients living with incurable illnesses. Filmmaker Victoria Suan believes that by sharing their stories,  she can help create awareness for the hundreds of millions of individuals who suffer from chronic illness.

As part of the collaboration between U.S. Pain and Becoming Incurable, Suan recently created a four-minute film highlighting the stories of several U.S. Pain staff members and volunteers: Michaela O’Connor, Katie Golden, Terry Craig, and Julian Phillips. To see the video, click here.

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Age: 60 years old

Pain warrior role: U.S. Pain advocate since the inaugural meeting of US Pain in CT

What type of health conditions you live with: Complex regional pain syndrome, spinal column injury, traumatic brain injury

What is your favorite tip for others with chronic pain: “I would tell the young boy scouts I used to lead up and down mountains who complained so much about the pain they were in “Pain Builds Character” (PBC). To this day, every time I hurt I would try to quote my own mantra to myself. I have now added the mantras ‘Such Is Life’ and ‘Life Is Good’. Therefore, at the grand old age of 58, I learned perhaps the most important lesson of my life and that is: SIL-PBC-LIG or in longhand, Such Is Life, Pain Builds Character, Life Is Good.”

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City & State: Petaluma, California

Age: 36 years old

Pain Warrior Role: Volunteer since 2016, ambassador since 2017

Condition: Reflex sympathetic dystrophy

Favorite tip for others with chronic pain: “Stay connected! Living with chronic pain has a profound impact on one’s life and can be completely isolating. It’s imperative to cultivate relationships with others who can relate to the unique experience of living with pain. Connecting online with the chronic pain community, attending face-to face support groups, and volunteer or advocacy work are great ways to link up with others who understand what you’re going through — first hand. Guidance from the chronic pain community can also help provide the support needed to not only live, but also thrive while living with pain. You’re not alone!”

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Nominations are being accepted now through Nov. 15 for the 2017 Joselynn Badman Ambassador of the Year Award. Do you know someone who has gone above and beyond in spreading pain awareness this year? Help U.S. Pain recognize pain warriors who actively spread awareness while inspiring others to educate and empower the pain community.

Nominees must be a pain ambassador, advocate, or volunteer with U.S. Pain. In addition, nominations must be made by someone other than the nominee; self nominations will not be accepted.

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The importance of chronic pain education was put on display this week at the University of Miami’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program, where Alyssa Dickens, sister of Florida ambassador Melanie Dickens, is a student. Alyssa, who calls herself the “biggest advocate for my sister,” felt that her program was missing some much-needed education on chronic pain. So Alyssa invited her sister and U.S. Pain President and Founder Paul Gileno to come speak to students on Sept. 26.

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