City & State: Petaluma, California

Age: 36 years old

Pain Warrior Role: Volunteer since 2016, ambassador since 2017

Condition: Reflex sympathetic dystrophy

Favorite tip for others with chronic pain: “Stay connected! Living with chronic pain has a profound impact on one’s life and can be completely isolating. It’s imperative to cultivate relationships with others who can relate to the unique experience of living with pain. Connecting online with the chronic pain community, attending face-to face support groups, and volunteer or advocacy work are great ways to link up with others who understand what you’re going through — first hand. Guidance from the chronic pain community can also help provide the support needed to not only live, but also thrive while living with pain. You’re not alone!”

Fun Fact: I love dogs! Between my St. Bernard and Boxador, I have over 200 lbs. of dog always keeping me company.

Noelle’s initiative throughout the month of September was impressive, especially  as a new ambassador. Noelle was able to beautify her hometown of Petaluma in blue, obtained a proclamation declaring September Pain Awareness Month in Petaluma, and published an op-ed about the importance of Pain Awareness Month in the local paper. She was an inspiration to everyone at U.S. Pain throughout the month and we look forward to her continued work as an ambassador.