Age: 60 years old

Pain warrior role: U.S. Pain advocate since the inaugural meeting of US Pain in CT

What type of health conditions you live with: Complex regional pain syndrome, spinal column injury, traumatic brain injury

What is your favorite tip for others with chronic pain: “I would tell the young boy scouts I used to lead up and down mountains who complained so much about the pain they were in “Pain Builds Character” (PBC). To this day, every time I hurt I would try to quote my own mantra to myself. I have now added the mantras ‘Such Is Life’ and ‘Life Is Good’. Therefore, at the grand old age of 58, I learned perhaps the most important lesson of my life and that is: SIL-PBC-LIG or in longhand, Such Is Life, Pain Builds Character, Life Is Good.”

What’s a fun fact about you: “I was awarded the Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (similar to the Boy Scouts of America’s Eagle) and was presented this award by The Duke of Edinburgh himself at Buckingham Palace.”

Julian Phillips is one of the inaugural members of the U.S Pain Foundation, when it just served the state of Connecticut. Phillips has participated in Pain Awareness Month every year his health has allowed him, and always hosts an awareness table for Rare Disease Day at the Harrisburg State Building in PA. Phillips was a 2013 INvisble Project participant. Phillips has testified a number of times his the state of Pennsylvania and now runs a support group, Knock Out Pain, in his hometown of Allentown, PA.