Special scholarships are available to eligible U.S. Pain volunteers to attend a two-day training program for support group leaders on March 2-4 in Phoenix, AZ. Two additional trainings will be held in Chicago and New York later this year.

Run by Pain Connection, a program of U.S. Pain, the trainings are designed to teach professionals/peer leaders to work with individuals with chronic pain in a group setting. The trainers are: Gwenn Herman, LCSW, DCSW, clinical director of Pain Connection, and Cindy Steinberg, U.S. Pain’s national director of policy and advocacy. The training provides education on the psychosocial aspects of chronic pain, the ABC’s of starting and running a support group. group work process, program development, and leadership, as well as receiving support for the chronic pain support group leaders.

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City & state: Modesto, CA

Age: 38 years old

Pain warrior role: U.S. Pain Ambassador since 2016

What type of health conditions you live with: Reflex sympathetic dystrophy/complex regional pain syndrome, chronic back pain, migraines, depression, and anxiety

What is your favorite tip for others with chronic pain: “The most important lesson I have learned about pain is to not let my pain define me. You have to get to know your pain: give it a name, learn to understand it, and become familiar with what increases or decreases it. Mourn who you were before the pain so that you can fully embrace the newly transformed version of yourself. Life doesn’t end with the start of pain. Find an amazing support group to lean on and learn to accept help. You may not be able to do all the things you once could, but with help you may find new ways to do old activities or find new activities you never would have imagine before. You are stronger than you realize so define your pain, but don’t let it define you!”

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January was a busy month for some of U.S. Pain’s youngest pain warriors.

Jan. 11 marked the third annual Points for Pain fundraiser hosted by 14-year-old Tyler Cashman, director of pediatric fundraising and awareness, at Voorhees Regional High School in Glen Gardner, NJ.  The event, which consisted of a bake sale, raffles, and a varsity girls basketball game, has raised more than $4,500 and counting. Cashman spoke and shared the pediatric edition of the INvisible Project project to a packed gym. All of the funds raised from this event go towards U.S. Pain’s Pediatric Pain Warrior Program.

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