Private Donors

U.S. Pain Foundation is extremely appreciative of every donation made to the organization, no matter how large or small. Thank you for recognizing the the challenges those with pain regularly endure, and supporting our efforts to help people with pain.

2017 list of private donors

Corporate Donors

U.S. Pain Foundation is grateful to its corporate sponsors, all of whom are valuable partners in improving care for the pain community. Below, you can learn more about the companies that support our various programs.

2019 Corporate Council
INvisible Project
Real Hope, Real Heroes
Educational programs and events (Take Control of Your Pain, Learn about Your Pain, Pain Medicine 411, webinars, printed materials)
Advocacy (Advocacy Network, Headache on the Hill)
Pain Awareness Month
Pediatric Pain Warriors Program
Pain Connection


Charitable standings

For more information regarding U.S. Pain’s charitable standings, please visit the below sites. These groups aim to provide as much information as possible regarding the mission, legitimacy, impact, reputation, finances, programs, transparency and governance of nonprofits to the public.

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