U.S. Pain is dedicated to serving the 50 million Americans who live with chronic pain through its programs and services. Here are some examples of how donating to support these programs and services can make a difference for people with pain as well as their caregivers and providers. You can also let us know how U.S. Pain has helped you by submitting your testimonial.


Kraig M

I am a disabled veteran. U.S. Pain Foundation has let me know I am not alone and there are others out there that hurt as I do and are there for me. They have helped me to live and want to live a better quality of life and to not focus so much on myself, but others also.

Kraig M.

Heidi B

The U.S. Pain Foundation helps me along my pain journey in so many ways. They welcome me into a community of people with whom I find acceptance and understanding. They alert me to committees, reports, and activities that impact my access to care and teach me how to advocate for myself and others to make sure our needs are met. And they encourage me to share my experiences and value my unique perspective and voice.

Heidi B.

Diane T

Pain is invisible. Others can’t see it or touch it. There isn’t a blood test that measures pain, or an X-ray that confirms its existence. It can be hard for people to get their pain taken seriously. But pain is a big problem. Just knowing that there are other people like me helps me deal with my pain on another level.

Diane T.

Tracy S

U.S. Pain has helped me tremendously by providing a scholarship so I could participate in Headache on the Hill 2019. What an amazing advocacy experience of empowerment! Also, the emails, webinars, and social media content are information relevant to what I live with daily. The INvisible Project is an amazing tribute to those who have bravely shared their stories. I am very thankful to have U.S. Pain in my life and to be an advocate.

Tracy S.

Deborah L

U.S. Pain had helped me so much in the beginning of my pain journey. I learned how to speak up for myself and to help others and different strategies for coping physically and mentally. I am forever grateful!

Deborah L.
South Carolina

Cindy D

Through their programs, I was able to re-invent my life with new goals and new dreams. I found out my story was not over just because I had chronic pain.

Cindy D.

Pamela J

The information available is amazing…. covering all aspects of pain and treating it.

Pamela J.

Lee Ann P

There are a multitude of things I like about the U.S. Pain Foundation: peer-to-peer connections that I wouldn’t have otherwise; educational webinars on becoming an advocate; and programs or lectures that are available on pain-time, which is to say at your convenience. I also appreciate being included in the conversation with regard to how doctors or legislators set new policies and legislation for people living in pain.

Lee Ann P.
New Hampshire

Kathryn B

U.S. Pain has been integral in my journey from the beginning of my trigeminal neuralgia diagnosis. I have enjoyed the U.S. Pain emails and posts regarding thoughtful tools and information pertaining to my specific nerve disease. And, I have also found a wonderful fellowship of similarly suffering people.

Kathryn B

Sylvia Ann F

U.S Pain Foundation has been such an inspiration in my life after I was given the opportunity to share my journey as part of the INvisible Project. I realized my pain doesn’t define me.

Sylvia Ann F.

Brian M

Thanks to U.S. Pain, I’ve been able to keep up with the latest information affecting the pain community. I also started a pain peer-to-peer support group here in western Maryland. The membership is growing every week and has been well received in my hometown.

Brian M.

Jorja G

Living with pain day in and day out causes unimaginable boundaries–some of which seem too difficult to maneuver through. Since becoming an avid reader of your newsletters and stories from other chronic pain sufferers, I’ve realized this issue is bigger than just me.

Jorja G.

Andre M

Through my training with Pain Connection, I’ve been able to establish a support group to help the Pascua Yaqui people recognize that pain does not have to be their enemy. Now, they have tools and resources to manage it.

Andre M.

Lynn J

As a Boston Marathon attack survivor, the U.S. Pain Foundation gave me a voice with which to share what I’ve learned in order to help others with chronic pain heal as well.

Lynn J.

Courtney G.

U.S. Pain Foundation has given me resources that help me learn to cope, live, and ideally thrive with adhesive arachnoiditis and Ehlers Danlo’s syndrome.

Courtney G.

Stu S.

As a spouse of a person with chronic pain, your website and informative webinars and articles have transformed my knowledge and viewpoint of the necessity for me to get involved to help my wife to live and function the best she can.

Stu S.

Ernie M.

I am a U.S. Pain ambassador and a facilitator of a chronic pain support group. U.S. Pain is my support system and gives me the feeling that what I do matters in this world of chronic pain. The members of this organization are part of my extended family.

Ernie M.

Vanila S.

U.S. Pain Foundation continues to support the need for a patient-centered approach to advocacy and policymaking. Approaching things from a person-centered perspective has never been more important as it is now.

Vanila S.

Peter A.

As a pain specialist who treats patients with very complicated chronic pain problems, I gladly recommend the U.S. Pain Foundation as a trusted resource to my patients. The U.S. Pain Foundation is comprised of a passionate, caring, and knowledgeable group of volunteers that touch the lives of so many in need of guidance and support.

Peter A.

Johanna Y.

U.S. Pain has made a tremendous impact in my and my family’s life. Specifically, the Pediatric Pain Warrior Program has provided hope, friendship, and inspiration to my children and joy to us as parents. The amazing retreats have given us the unique gift and opportunity to meet others who truly understand our struggles and triumphs. We know we aren’t alone anymore.

Johanna Y.

LaSheila Y.

I’ve suffered from chronic pain for over a decade. I’m a very sociable person and enjoy engaging in community organizing activities. My pain is very sporadic and had taken away my ability to engage in my community. The U.S. Pain Foundation has given me another opportunity to support others with chronic pain in a meaningful way.

LaSheila Y.

Anikah S.

U.S. Pain Foundation has provided me with tools and resources to support myself as a chronic migraine patient and also lead a group to support others. I am always reminded that the load I carry won’t break me down if I change the way I carry it.

Anikah S.

Ed C.

The U.S. Pain Foundation is the only patient advocate group that is working on behalf of all pain patients, old and young alike. Whether it’s influencing federal and state policy, empowering and training people to advocate, or educating people on issues that are important to them, the organization is ALWAYS focused on the patient.

Ed C.

Jennifer P.

Through their various programs, my children and I have been encouraged, equipped, and empowered to become the best possible version of ourselves. The greatest gifts we have been given by the foundation, however, are the connections made with other families. Simply put, the U.S. Pain Foundation and the Pediatric Pain Warrior Program have changed our lives.

Jennifer P.


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