Media Kit


The mission of U.S. Pain Foundation is to educate, empower, connect, and advocate for people living with chronic conditions that cause pain. 
As a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to serving those who live with painful conditions, along with their caregivers and health care providers, U.S. Pain Foundation helps individuals find resources and inspiration.

 In 2019, U.S. Pain:

  • Held 22 online educational events on topics ranging from acupuncture to pharmacogenetics, which were watched live or as recordings 10,493 times.
  • Held two Pediatric Pain Warrior weekend retreats, which were attended by 327 kids and family members total.
  • Expanded to 19 in-person support groups and five monthly support calls, helping an estimated 1,434 patients total.
  • Published two issues of the INvisible Project and one special edition for RetreatMigraine, with 20,250 copies total distributed.
  • Coordinated a Pain Awareness Month campaign, #LetsTalkAboutPain, featuring 31 patient video stories, which were viewed nearly 12,000 times in four months.
  • Engaged a record 2,224 advocates to send emails to their policymakers through 23 total state and federal campaigns.
  • And more.

Stats about chronic pain: 

  • Chronic pain is typically defined as pain that lasts most or everyday for six months or more.
  • Chronic pain affects 50 million Americans, not including children.
  • Severe chronic pain affects an estimated 19.6 million Americans.
  • Pain costs the nation up to $635 billion each year in medical treatments, disability payments and lost productivity.

Spending and financials:

Visit our Funding page for up-to-date information about our sponsors as well as links to our information returns.



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