Each day during Pain Awareness Month, U.S. Pain will post a different “challenge”or task on social media for its followers. Most challenges take just a few minutes to complete from the comfort of your home. This year’s challenge features fun engagements, new resources, special promos, and even a giveaway. To join in, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Here’s a preview of each day’s theme:

Day 1: Make the invisible visible!

Day 2: Try Quell for a cause!

Day 3: Make some noise!

Day 4: Share your story!

Day 5: Give a high-five!

Day 6: Sign up for our eNewsletter!

Day 7:  Who you gonna call?

Day 8: “But you look great!”

Day 9: Show your true colors!

Day 10: Be aware of integrated care!

Day 11: Greater access to balanced pain management!

Day 12: The more, the merrier!

Day 13: Quell giveaway.

Day 14: Don’t go it alone!

Day 15: Score some Points for Pain!

Day 16: All about the access.

Day 17: Patient safety is key.

Day 18: Nature heals.

Day 19: Everyone wins!

Day 20: We are more than our invisible pain.

Day 21: Show off your colors!

Day 22: What does U.S. Pain mean to you?

Day 23: Support the CARERS Act!

Day 24: What’s in your pain survival kit?

Day 25: Hope for 100!

Day 26:  There’s a meme for that!

Day 27: Turn our Facebook page into a zoo!

Day 28: Caregivers, we salute you!

Day 29: Rethink the negative.

Day 30: 365 days a year.

For more information, visit http://uspainawarenessmonth.com/30-day-challenge/.