Each November, U.S. Pain Foundation organizes a month-long educational campaign for the pain community. Recognizing that art and writing can help kids and adults cope with and/or express chronic pain and its effects on their lives, this year’s KNOWvember campaign will focus on creativity.

During the month, titled “Art through Pain: How Creativity Helps Us Cope,” U.S. Pain will be:

  • hosting three virtual events,
  • soliciting visual art submissions to showcase at a later date,
  • and highlighting information about art and pain on social media (#ArtThroughPain).

If you’d like to submit your artwork, you have the option of sharing it with us privately or allowing us to use it in a future project (such as in a blog post on Remedy or an INvisible Project magazine) through the link below.

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This month’s events

Art Therapy: Giving Chronic Pain a Voice Through Creative Expression
Nov. 7 at 7 pm EST
Christine Hirabayashi, PhD, LMFT, ATR-BC

Join a professional art therapist as she discusses how creative expression can be an outlet for the complex emotions that come with chronic pain. Attendees will be given ideas for different mediums they can use to visually represent their pain. This webinar also will highlight the profession of art therapy and how to find one in your area.

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Calling All Artists: A Twitter Chat with Artistic Pain Warriors
Nov. 12 at 7 pm EST
Hashtag: #ArtThroughPainChat

Whether you’re a professional artist or an artist at heart, we invite you to attend this open Twitter chat! We’ll be asking attendees to share how art has helped them cope with chronic pain. To participate, simply join @US_Pain at the date and time above and use the hashtag #ArtThroughPainChat.

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Writing about Pain: A Workshop with Book Author Sonya Huber
Nov. 20 at 1 pm EST
Author Sonya Huber

This interactive webinar, with a Q&A and writing prompts, will delve into the generative and restorative power of metaphor, which Huber used in her book, “Pain Woman Takes Your Keys and Other Essays From a Nervous System,” to portray and explore the experience of chronic pain. Experienced and new writers are welcome!