cindy2National Director of Policy and Advocacy Cindy Steinberg has had a busy month. On Jan. 3, she was featured in a Boston Globe article about the impact of clinicians prescribing fewer opioids. The article featured a study of 3,000 clinicians across the country. More than one-third said the reduction in prescribing has hurt patients with chronic pain. Just over half of all respondents said they had cut back on opioid prescribing within the past two years or so, while more than two-thirds of family medicine and internal medicine doctors had done so.

Steinberg implored clinicians not to abandon pain patients, spoke to the difficult of affording alternative treatments, and gave examples of patients with severe pain who rely on opioids for relief. The full story can be read here.

Steinberg made the news again later in the month with the announcement that she was selected for the American Academy of Pain Medicine’s (AAPM) 2017 Presidential Commendation. She was selected in honor of her advocacy on behalf of people who live with pain everywhere. Paul Gileno, U.S. Pain president and founder, is also a recipient; his selection was announced in December. The two will receive their awards March 17 during AAPM’s annual meeting in Florida.