U.S. Pain Foundation takes the opioid crisis very seriously and is doing its part to help reduce overdoses and addiction. However, as a result of some extreme reforms, many pain patients are being unfairly penalized and are experiencing huge obstacles in obtaining pain management.

To help members facing problems with treatment access, the organization has created a three-page resource with suggestions on how to stay safe in these situations while also advocating for oneself. Titled  “What to Do if You’ve Been Denied Appropriate Pain Management,” the online document includes the following sections: “Addressing Unfair Restrictions,” “Managing Possible Withdrawal,” “Managing Increased Pain,” and “Filing Complaints.”

“We agree we need prescribing reform, but some of the new limitations have unfairly hurt legitimate pain patients,” says Emily Lemiska, U.S. Pain’s director of communications. “As a person who takes opioids myself, I know that being refused pain relief can be extraordinarily frustrating and scary. While it is not a cure-all, we hope this can be a resource to pain patients and their loved ones.”

To view the guide, click here. To learn more about U.S. Pain’s position on opioid reforms, click here.