Medical research is essential to advancing pain care. On Sept. 25, U.S. Pain members were treated to a webinar covering the ins and outs of medical research studies. The event, “Patient empowerment in clinical trials,” was presented by Lindsay Wahlstrom-Edwards, Director of Partnerships at Antidote, a digital health company that helps connect patients with clinical trial opportunities.

During her talk, Wahlstrom-Edwards explained the different types of clinical research and key terms, like “protocol” and “principal investigator.” She also talked about the importance of engagement. According to Wahlstrom-Edwards, approximately 80 percent of medical research is delayed or cancelled due to difficult enrolling participants.

Wahlstrom-Edwards went through common questions and concerns about participating, as well as how to locate clinicla trials using Antidote’s searachable database on the U.S. Pain websiteIn closing, she discussed what to expect over the course of a clinical trial and answered audience questions.

To view the full webinar, click here.