On July 18, U.S. Pain Foundation hosted its first webinar specially designed for ambassadors and advocates.

The webinars will be held every two months on the third Tuesday of the month at 1 pm EST. Lasting about an hour, they feature updates from key staff followed by a presentation from an outside expert, with topics ranging from how to appeal an insurance denial to better communicating with your clinician.

The next webinar will take place Sept. 19.

“The goal of the webinar is to update our network on our ongoing efforts and provide information on opportunities to help,” says Paul Gileno, president and founder of U.S. Pain. “We also want to give our volunteers special access to topics of interest to the pain community.”

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The next webinar will take place Sept. 19; to register, click here.


The featured topic of the July 18 call was “Get published during Pain Awareness Month” with Jen Daly, a media consultant from the Gray Media Group, who offered tips on writing and publishing an effective op-ed during Pain Awareness Month.

To view the slideshow or watch the full webinar, click here. If you are a volunteer and did not receive an invitation to the July webinar and would like to attend future webinars, please email emily@uspainfoundation.org. To become a volunteer, click here.