Have you participated in our email-writing campaign asking policymakers to ensure patients with pain have access to care?

We’re asking that state and federal officials take steps to:

  • ensure telehealth copays cost no more than in-person visits,
  • exempt patients who are high-risk from required in-person appointments,
  • require insurers to cover 90-day supplies of medications

And more.

It takes just a minute to take participate! Simply click the link below, enter your address information, review the template, and hit send. You’re welcome to make edits to the note–it always helps to add a bit of your personal story.

Your representatives want to hear from you. One of our volunteers, Lynn, took part in the action campaign and heard back with a personal note from her senator, asking how he can help.

Join the campaign now!

You can also help spread the word about the challenges patients with pain are facing by tweeting about the report using this link.

Stay well, and thank you for your advocacy.