Migraine, headache, and cluster diseases affect more than 38 million Americans. To increase understanding and empathy for those with these disorders, June is recognized as National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month (#MHAM). Thanks in part to the National Headache Foundation, the theme for 2021 is A New Era in Care, reflecting the wave of innovation in treatments and approaches to managing headache and migraine disease.

There are many ways to become involved, including:

  • Change your profile picture. Add a frame to your Facebook profile picture.
  • Distribute copies of the INvisible Project that focus on migraine and headache diseases. Our newest edition will be available mid-month with a virtual launch party on Facebook Live on June 17 at 7 pm ET. Pre-request copies by visiting INvisibleProject.org/order-magazines.
  • Join in on one of six recognition days. There will be six special recognition days throughout the month of June. One example is Shades for Migraine Day, held on June 21. Wear your sunglasses and post a photo on social media with the hashtag #ShadesForMigraine to help create awareness in a fun way! Check the official MHAM website from CHAMP (Coalition for Headache And Migraine Patients) for more details on all events.
  • Attend events. Throughout the month of June, headache organizations and groups will be hosting different events, ranging from veterans and migraine to headache diseases and men. Find more details on all events by visiting the official MHAM website. In addition, U.S. Pain is planning two events during the month; more details can be found on uspainfoundation.org/mham shortly.
  • Share blogs. One way to make sure more people understand the disabling nature of headache diseases is by sharing articles and blogs. Each day, a new blog about migraine and headache diseases will be shared on the MHAM website. U.S. Pain is also posting blogs to raise awareness this June.

With your help, we can create change for people with migraine and headache diseases—and honor and acknowledge the millions impacted each day.

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Visit the official MHAM website