There are two important pieces of legislation related to chronic pain that we need you to take action on.

House Bill 198

HB198 would allow Kentucky pain warriors more affordable access to 20 visits for pain treatments, including many therapies not typically well-covered by insurers (like osteopathic care, chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage, psychotherapy) as well as more standard therapies like pain management, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.

Most importantly, the bill would require that the deductible, coinsurance, or copay for these treatments cost no more than seeing a primary care physician, and would make it so that referrals were not required to see these professionals. (That means, for example, massage, which is normally between $60-80 an hour, would be covered at the same level as seeing your primary care doctor (typically $20-$40)).

Unfortunately, this legislation has yet to even be assigned to a committee–the first step in moving it forward.

This engagement is open to Kentuckians with state representatives on the House Banking and Insurance Committee; click the link to see if your zip code is eligible.

House Bill 136

As you likely are aware, HB 136 is a bill that would establish a medical cannabis program in Kentucky. The bill includes “chronic pain” as a qualifying condition, which means anyone with chronic pain, regardless of their specific health issue, would qualify. It also creates a pathway to approval for minors who meet medical requirements.

The legislation secured House passage in a 65-30 vote on Feb. 20, which is great news. It’s now been moved to the Senate Judiciary Committee, but a hearing is yet to be scheduled.

Please note you can only participate in this campaign if you have a state senator on the Judiciary Committee; click the link and it will let you know if your zip code qualifies.

Please keep in mind that while we have created these online campaigns for you to easily advocate, the most powerful thing you do is make a call to your legislator’s office. You can look up their contact information on our Advocacy homepage.