Chronic pain can make you feel insignificant. Living with limitations day in and day out, you start to believe you don’t matter as much as the next person.

But you do.

In fact, we would argue that you’re stronger and more determined than anyone. It takes immense courage and grace to live with constant pain. It means learning how to find joy in the little things and discovering meaning in even small victories, like being able to get outside for a few minutes, or having enough energy to take a shower.

We want to remind you that small victories matter. You matter.

And just like small victories are important, so are small acts of support. You might feel like donating $5 in honor of Giving Tuesday is not a big deal. But to us, it is.

Every gift, no matter the amount, symbolizes your dedication to the pain community. And small amounts add up. They enable us to run our network of support groups, to offer educational webinars, to host weekend retreats for kids with pain, to advocate for pain warriors at the federal level, and so much more. (You can learn more about how we help here.)

That said, as an organization made up of people with pain, we know that living with pain and the high cost of health care can mean finances are tight. So if you can’t give, don’t worry! We understand and appreciate you just the same.

If you can give, here’s how. Even a little bit means a lot.