Social media influencer, activist and editor Devri Valazquez, was one of many who participated.

More than 500 people participated in the #MakeItVisible campaign during the month of October, reaching an estimated 400,000 members of the public. The campaign asked people to share a video or photo that made their invisible condition visible, using the hashtag, #MakeItVisible. For every photo or video shared, Healthline donated $5 to U.S. Pain in support of its mission, for a total of nearly $2,500.

With so many individuals sharing photos of their invisible illnesses, people were able to learn that just because you can’t see an invisible illness doesn’t mean it’s not there, while also gaining a better understanding of the challenges people with invisible illness face on a daily basis.

“Being able to share your truth and educate individuals is such a powerful manner,” says Nicole Hemmenway, vice president of U.S. Pain Foundation and director of the INvisible Project, which highlights the stories of people with chronic pain. “U.S. Pain would like to thank everyone for their participation in such an important campaign. The submissions were truly inspiring, educational, and took such strength to share. We are so proud of all of our pain warriors who participated.”

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