Throughout the month of October, U.S. Pain Foundation is teaming up with Healthline on a campaign to bring awareness to invisible illness. The request: share a photo or video that makes your chronic condition visible on Instagram with the #MakeItVisible hashtag. For every submission, Heathline will donate $5 to U.S. Pain Foundation.

“As more and more public figures are candidly discussing their invisible illnesses, now is the perfect time for the pain community to shine our light illnesses that seem hidden to outside world,” says vice president of U.S. Pain Foundation, Nicole Hemmenway. “Anytime we can make the invisible visible, we are not only improving patient care and creating societal awareness, but also providing newfound hope and support to pain warriors. We’re very grateful to Heathline for partnering with us on this project.”

U.S. Pain encourages all members to participate in this important campaign that will educate others that not all illnesses are inherently visible. Let’s make #MakeItVisible the next huge social media phenomenon!

To learn more about the goal and message of #MakeItVisible, visit makeitvisiblecampaign.com