Last month’s webinar for members of the U.S. Pain community, “How to get the most out of massage for chronic pain” has been rescheduled to April 12 at 1 pm EST. The webinar features Rachel Horcher, a licensed massage therapist, movement specialist and yoga instructor.

During her presentation, Horcher will discuss how massage can help with chronic pain, how to find the right massage therapist and best communicate with him or her, and the different types of massages.

Horcher graduated from Chicago School of Massage Therapy in 2001. She not only practices massage, but also taught massage for 10 years. She is trained with multiple specialties, but works primarily with chronic pain and trauma. And, Horcher lives with chronic pain herself, as do her two sons.

Prior to Horcher’s presentation, U.S. Pain department staff will provide updates on opportunities to get involved. To register for the April 12 webinar, click here. To register for the next webinar, “ChronicBabe 101: A Q&A with Jenni Grover about thriving with pain,” on May 15, click here. Questions for the Q&A can be submitted via emily@uspainfoundation.orgLearn more about U.S. Pain’s webinars here.