While National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month (MHAM) wrapped up in June, U.S. Pain Foundation is continuing to raise awareness through its traveling display of the INvisible Project: Migraine second edition. Below is a photo recap of June and the ongoing efforts to bring about change for people living with headache and migraine disease.

End of May
The INvisible Project: Migraine second edition was released in time for MHAM.

June 2
The month kicked off with the Real Hope, Real Heroes Gala in Scottsdale, AZ, where participants from the 2017 INvisible Project: Migraine & Rheumatoid Arthritis/Rheumatoid Disease editions gathered.


June 10 and July 8
The INvisible Project was displayed at two Miles for Migraine events. Michelle Tracy, U.S. Pain ambassador and INvisible Project participant, represented U.S. Pain in Cincinnati, along with INvisible Project Senior Contributor Katie Golden. U.S. Pain Ambassador Nancy Bonk hosted the displays at the Buffalo race.

June 14
U.S. Pain Migraine Advocacy Liaison Katie Golden, Mary Franklin of the National Headache Foundation (NHF), Shirley Kessel of Miles for Migraine and patient Lynn K. gave patient testimony at the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER). CHAMP Executive Director Kevin Lenaburg and Jill Dehlin of NHF participated on the policy roundtable at ICER on June 14 to provide patient-perspective on the importance of access to the first class of migraine prevention drugs called CGRP inhibitor drugs.

June 25
The INvisible Project showed up at the third CHAMP member meeting, with U.S. Pain Interim CEO Nicole Hemmenway sharing the importance and impact of patient storytelling.

June 28 – July 1
At the 60th Annual American Headache Society Conference in San Francisco the INvisible Project: Migraine second edition was displayed; magazines were distributed to about 1,000 attendees.

Throughout June
U.S. Pain and Chronic Migraine Awareness, Inc., collaborated on the “Be Aware” campaign which featured educational social media posts that highlighted a Fact-A-Day in June.

Throughout June
U.S. Pain & CHAMP collaborated to obtain 10 state proclamations, five local proclamations, and 13 purple landmarks–with some getting creative and changing their outdoor household light bulb to purple!

Extra special thanks to the following people and organizations for making all of the above possible.

U.S. Pain team members & collaborative partners Proclamations Light up the Landmarks
INvisible Project Team, Participants & Contributors Jamie Sanders – VA National Headache Foundation – Prudential & Chase Buildings, Chicago
U.S. Pain National Migraine & Headache Awareness Team Deb Shrader-Trotter – AK Tammy Hummel – Fire Station, Police Station, Library & Municipal Building in Union City, Ohio & Municipal Building in Winchester, OH
U.S. Pain Foundation Pain Awareness Month Team Jacki Drexel – TX & Plano TX Tammy Hummel – City Hall, Winchester & Fire Department, Union City, IN
USPF Staff – Nicole Hemmenway, Jeannette Rotondi, Michaela O’Connor, Lori Monarca J.P. Summers – WS Cari Cutler – Terminal Tower, Cleveland Tower, OH
Michelle Tracy, IP Participant & USPF Ambassador Jane Litwin Taylor – MA Home of Jeannette & Dennis Rotondi – NJ
USPF Ambassadors & Chronic Migraine Awareness, Inc partners Cat & Chris Charrett-Dykes, Nancy Bonk National Headache Foundation – City of Chicago Home of Roni Jones – Mexico, MO
Kevin Lenaburg & all CHAMP member organizations Lori Monarca – Middletown, CT Home of Nancy Bonk – Buffalo, NY
Shirley Kessel & Katie MacDonald, Miles for Migraine Cyrynda Walker- Citrus County, FL
Lindsay Videneiks, Headache & Migraine Policy Forum Eileen Brewer – MD
Joe Coe, Global Healthy Living Foundation Beth Morton – VT
Chelsea Taylor – TN
Ayla Kaufman – IL
Tammy Hummel, City of Winchester, IN