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How do you find high quality, affordable care? If you have health insurance, you might start with your insurance plan and check which doctors are in-network. You might Google which doctors are located nearby, or search Yelp or other review sites to see what people say about the doctors. You might even ask family or friends for recommendations.

Yet, even if you went through all that to find a doctor, would you feel confident that you made the right choice? You might still be missing a crucial piece of information: how much experience does this doctor have treating your condition?

Research shows that when it comes to doctors, experience matters—not necessarily years of experience practicing medicine, but rather the volume of patients a doctor has treated with your condition. That’s the philosophy behind Amino, a health care transparency company that connects everyone to better, more affordable care.

“What is so unique about Amino is that they cover nearly every doctor in America,” says Paul Gileno founder and president of U.S. Pain Foundation. “We know health care is not one-size-fits-all. Having this search tool deliver personalized results to help you easily estimate your healthcare costs and book appointments with doctors is very much needed.”

U.S. Pain is excited to partner with Amino to provide access to all of this information for free.

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