Chronic pain comes in many shades. The descriptions alone can be colorful: throbbing, shooting, aching, burning, freezing, and so many more. Pain patients rarely describe their pain by using only one of these vivid explanations. Just as there are innumerable ways to describe pain, there are countless conditions that  can cause or contribute to chronic pain; each condition is represented by its own awareness ribbon color.

The U.S. Pain Foundation doesn’t just represent patients with one specific condition; U.S. Pain represents all pain patients, regardless of the underlying cause. The multitude of conditions represented by the various colorful awareness ribbons led to the creation of U.S. Pain’s pain warrior bracelet. The colors are swirled and integrated to represent the unifying of pain patients: brought together by a shared understanding of what it means to live with pain and a common goal of raising awareness.

Just as the pain warrior bracelet unites the various conditions that cause pain, Pain Awareness Month (PAM) is a time to unite all people affected by pain.  Pain patients across America, as well as their friends and family,  are encouraged to participate by:

The Ambassador Team is available to support you every step of the way with whatever activity you choose to pursue. If you have questions, reach out to and

Pain patients need to speak up in order to be heard. Get involved today! To receive the latest updates about PAM, sign up as an ambassador here.