Location: Jackson, New Jersey

Rotondi and her son participating in Beautify in Blue event.

Age: 40 years old

Pain Warrior Role: Ambassador since 2013

Conditions: I live with Chronic Migraine, and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which has caused many co-morbidities including arthritis, TMJ, colonic dysmotility, POTS, spinal stenosis, joint instability, myofascial pain, multiple tendon tears etc.

Fun Fact: My nickname is Corky.

Tip for Pain Warriors: “Find anything thing that will make you smile. This is painful and difficult journey, find anything thing that will give you some joy, in spite of the pain.”

Rotondi has played in large role in migraine disease awareness for the month of June. She has, also, held multiple fundraising events in New Jersey for the foundation. Rotondi’s go-getter attitude and her dedication to raise awareness of pain conditions exemplifies the meaning of being pain warrior strong.