Camp attendees with their certificates.

Ages: 4-17 years old

Location: All over the country

Pain warrior role: Third Annual Pediatric Pain Camp attendees

Pain conditions: Attendees have a wide range of conditions that cause chronic pain, from reflex sympathetic dystrophy, to Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, to migraine disease, to gastroparesis, to postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome.

Favorite tips for living with chronic pain: “I distract myself during the worst times, using my tablet, TV or doing an art project,” – Sawyer Horcher; “Just being around other kids my age that know the feeling of this situation that we’re all in,” – Dennis Alden. “During those times when the pain gets so bad I drown myself in my music,” – Jordan Johnston.

Fun fact: The camp, held each year at the Center for Courageous Kids in Scottsville, Kentucky, is entirely handicapped accessible and offers programming that meets the attendees’ abilities. “I could do everything at camp and play with my friends. I wasn’t left out of any activity because I was sick,” says Royce Keller.

U.S. Pain is delighted to recognize all of the attendees of the Third Annual Pediatric Pain Camp. These brave kids and their families travel from across the country to attend. During their days at the camp, they come together to offer one other support and hope—and have some fun. At the closing ceremony, Tyler Cashman, director of Pediatric Awareness and Fundraising for U.S. Pain, presented the attendees with certificates acknowledging them as pain warriors of the month. Each year, U.S. Pain raises funding to send several dozen kids with chronic pain and their families to the camp each year.

View a slideshow of photos from the camp here.
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