City & State: Albany, CA

Age: 45

Pain warrior role: U.S. Pain advocate since 2018

What type of health conditions you live with: chronic migraine disease, IBS, anxiety

What is your favorite tip for others with chronic pain: “Be proactive. Being proactive about my treatment has given me back a sense of control. It has been helpful for me to learn about my conditions and to find ways that my actions and thinking can influence their severity. Chronic pain is not something that I have been able to deal with on my own. I’ve had to reach out and get support from my family and friends, therapists, healthcare providers, and an understanding community of other people with chronic pain conditions. I’ve had to learn new skills, develop new relationships, and embrace healthy habits in order to live each day with as little pain and as much joy as possible.”

What’s a fun fact about you: “I love volunteering at my local children’s hospital. I am so inspired by the patients I meet who face their health challenges with bravery, determination, and grace!”

Heidi Brehm is an active advocate for the U.S. Pain Foundation. She has worked diligently to raise awareness for chronic migraine disease by participating in the Headache on the Hill advocacy day in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Heidi deeply believes in the importance of education, distributing materials to other individuals living with migraine disease and taking part in U.S. Pain’s educational events, such as webinars. You will often see Heidi at events dressed as the “Migraine Woman,” which befits her personality as a joyful and fun-loving yet fierce warrior raising awareness for chronic migraine disease.