City and State: Easton, MA

Age: 30

Pain Warrior Role: U.S. Pain advocate since 2011.

Health Conditions: I live with chronic widespread pain due to lupus and chronic pelvic pain due to endometriosis.

Favorite Tip For Those Living With Pain: “Take time every single day to remind yourself that you are a strong, brave, unique, and amazing person, who is always worthy of being treated with respect and dignity.  Also, never let yourself forget that you possess an intrinsic value that exists just from you being you, and having chronic pain can never negate nor diminish this.”

Fun Fact: “My favorite part of the day is every morning when my husband brings us coffee to drink in bed while we snuggle up together with our dog.”

Becca has been an extremely active advocate for the past nine years, using her voice and experience to help all chronic pain patients. Becca has testified at the Massachusetts State House in favor of legislation that helps the chronic pain community, such as ensuring that treating their pain is considered a right, and against bills that negatively affect patients, such as those making it harder for patients to access the treatments they need, especially opioid medications. Becca has also been involved in multiple television and print news interviews locally to raise awareness about chronic pain and state advocacy efforts.