City & State: Eustis, Florida

Age: 53 years old

Pain Warrior role: Advocate since 2014

What type of health conditions you live with: Central pain syndrome post-stroke, stiff person syndrome, Grave’s disease post-thyroid cancer, hypercoagulation

What is your favorite tip for others with chronic pain: “There’s always a way! No matter your circumstance, keep looking until you find what works for you. Find you tribe, your support community and continue searching for that better quality of life. With technological advances progressing, there are more choices and resources to help pain patients than ever before. And never lose your sense of humor.”

What’s a fun fact about you: “I love making people smile and laugh.”

A Florida advocate and author of At the End of the Day, Lisa is always willing and able to participate in U.S. Pain online campaigns. Diagnosed with a rare condition known as Central Pain Syndrome (CPS), Lisa’s health journey has opened up the opportunity to advocate for not only herself, but others living with rare, complex pain conditions.

Inspired to help others find peace and purpose outside of their diagnosis, Lisa co-founded Central Pain Nerve Center, an educational online resource for those wishing to obtain information relating to neurological conditions.

This year, Lisa attended Rare Disease Week on Capitol Hill and met with Florida Senators and Representatives to share her personal story and urge they continue supporting initiative that protects those living with chronic diseases. Lisa advocates on a personal level by sharing U.S. Pain pamphlets and INvisible Project magazines with members of her health care team.

Despite her career coming to a halt when a stroke caused CPS, Lisa has persevered and empowers fellow pain warriors to overcome their diagnosis through advocacy and awareness.