Hometown: Oceanport, NJ

Age: 61 years old

Pain warrior role: Pain advocate since 2018

What type of health conditions do you live with? Daily chronic migraines and chronic neck pain.

Favorite tip for others with chronic pain: “Calm down. And I mean that literally. I spent years trying to be the person ‘I used to be’ before chronic migraines. I would barrel through the day on pain medications and sacrifice my body in the process. I wasn’t until I was diagnosed with severe inflammation in my brain that I started to understand the consequences of not calming your nervous system. Essential oils such as lavender and frankincense, soothing music, and relaxation techniques really helped me to heal my chronic pain. Self-care is definitely not selfish!”

Fun fact about you: “I’m a pain science geek! I love reading and spreading awareness on all the new advances in pain research! I also love to bake!”

Sue Ann Stelfox is a passionate pain warrior and advocate who has worked tirelessly to better herself and those around her using techniques she learned while becoming a nationally board-certified pain management coach despite living with chronic migraine disease and daily neck pain. She uses those coaching techniques to run a monthly chronic pain support group in New Jersey and recently even ran a US Pain booth at an Arthritis Foundation event. Sue Ann continues to fight for the chronic pain community and provide hope and help for fellow chronic pain patients.