Pain Awareness Month is exactly one month away. This year’s theme is #PainWarriorsUnite, and U.S. Pain Foundation has a range of activities, campaigns, and events set up to help unify pain warriors and increase public understanding of the obstacles patients face. Some examples include a daily social media challenge, featuring special giveaways; weekly, free educational events; an op-ed campaign; and the annual Light up the Landmarks initiative.

In this article, we’ll focus on ways you can help support Light up the Landmarks specifically. For information about all of U.S. Pain’s Pain Awareness Month activities, visit its website.

Shining a light on Light up the Landmarks

Many government, historical, and private landmarks as well as businesses will be illuminated on September 9 in honor of Pain Awareness Month. While people all over the country will be able to see the various locations glowing blue in person, a picture allows us to capture and share the beauty of the combined locations glowing blue together. U.S. Pain needs volunteers to take pictures of their local landmarks scheduled to participate in Light up the Landmarks. A list of 2018 locations can be found here.

Don’t see a location near you? Reach out to government offices or businesses in your area to encourage participation using this customizable template letter.

Proclamations from elected officials to designate September as Pain Awareness Month can also be utilized to strengthen the request for locations to light up in blue. A list of participating cities and states can be found here. For information on requesting a proclamation in your city or state, click here.

Another great way to draw attention to Light up the Landmark participants is through an op-ed. U.S. Pain has added a new op-ed template this year that is specifically designed to support Light up the Landmark participants. Adding personal details and including approved proclamations for your area can bolster the chance that your op-ed will be published. Volunteers as well as businesses are able to send these to their local news media.

For more information on the programs above and other ways to get involved in commemorating Pain Awareness Month, visit the Pain Awareness Month website.