Dennis distributing U.S. Pain materials.

Earlier this fall, longtime New Jersey ambassador Jeannette Rotondi and her husband, Dennis, coordinated with Rutgers University’s Behavior Health Center to share U.S. Pain Foundation materials and information during the center’s Wellness Month, which coincided with Pain Awareness Month. Dennis is a staff clinician at the center and has volunteered alongside Jeannette since she joined U.S. Pain.

As part of their efforts, a message was distributed to all campuses and programs that included U.S. Pain resources and information about chronic pain. Materials also were distributed throughout one of Rutgers’ satellite campuses. In addition, Dennis presented to staff and patients about the intersection of pain and mental health.

“These events are so important because we give a voice to the invisible,” says Jeannette. “The education provided at these events is the antidote for stigma and judgement.”

U.S. Pain Foundation encourages all volunteers to consider partnering with a local hospital, center, or clinic to help spread the word about chronic pain and available resources. To get started, contact someone you know who works at the institution — whether a clinician who treats you or a family member who is an employee there. U.S. Pain can provide you materials and information to help get you set up.

Jeannette’s advice to fellow volunteers interested in this type of activity is to get at least one support person to help.

“As people with chronic pain and illness, backup is important, in case of a flare and to minimize the potential of one. Make the event manageable and doable, what may seem like a small initiative, but when put together with others, it adds up to a lot of awareness.”

For additional support and help with distributing materials and planning awareness events, contact