The Pediatric Pain Warriors program is excited to announce My Marathon, a brand-new fundraising initiative. Knowing that every day can feel like a marathon when you are battling chronic pain, the goal of the fundraiser is to show that while everyone in our community is so different, we all find ways to conquer our obstacles.

“Because marathons are 26.2 miles, we are asking our pain warriors to do 26 movement activities in September,” says Casey Cashman, director of the Pediatric Pain Warriors program. “Marathons can range from walking 26 steps daily for 26 days to doing 26 minutes of physical therapy for 26 days. The possibilities are endless — you can incorporate yoga, swimming, dancing, martial arts, or whatever you prefer. Each person’s chronic pain journey is different, so each person’s marathon will be unique.”

Funds raised from the My Marathon initiative for the will help support event programming, including retreats for kids with pain and their families to connect and learn. (Typically, retreats are held in-person, but in light of COVID-19, the program is offering an ongoing “virtual retreat” with weekly events and activities. To register, click here.)

Cameron, a pediatric pain warrior from Wisconsin, says, “My favorite thing about being at the retreat in Orlando and Chicago was just being able to participate in activities surrounded by people (other kids) who understand why you might be walking one day and needing a wheelchair the next. They never question it.”

“My Marathon is not only a way for individuals to come together to help the pediatric pain warrior community but a way for people to understand just how different every person’s life is,” adds Cashman. “Every person is unique and so are their journeys. Your marathon is different from anyone else, and we look forward to  each individual celebrating that throughout September!”

No donation is too small as we are also raising awareness for our pediatric pain warriors. Please consider creating a team (this can just be your family or friends) and sharing your story of what your marathon looks like using the hashtag #MyMarathon.

If you have any questions or concerns, email