Volunteers at an Alex and Ani fundraising event.

As a nonprofit, U.S. Pain Foundation runs solely on contributions from corporate sponsors as well as private donors. The organization is encouraging members to consider hosting fundraising events to help support its mission and services.

“We rely on individual generosity to be able to offer our many programs free of charge, whether Take Control of Your Pain events, the People with Pain Matter campaign, or Pain Connection services,” says Nicole Hemenway, vice president of U.S. Pain. “Even if you are unable to give financially, you can still help out by coordinating a local fundraiser. Most people get scared of the word fundraiser, but it’s really very easy and fun. We also have a lot of different ways to fundraise, so you can pick something that best suits your interests and abilities.”

Ways to fundraise include:

Dine to Donate: This involves contacting any local restaurant about having a portion of its profits during a particular time or day go toward U.S. Pain. Typically, you help advertise the event and then host an information table while it happens. U.S. Pain can walk you through all the steps and help promote the event. Not only is this a great fundraiser, it is also an amazing awareness campaign.

Dress Down Days: Are you working? Do you have a family member who works for a corporation or a business that has a dress code?  Talk to the managers to see if they would allow employees the opportunity to dress down on a day and pay a $5 fee. The fee would be a donation to the U.S. Pain Foundation. This also works for schools!

Points for Pain: Through this fundraiser, you ask people to make a pledge (or general donation) for each point scored by their team during a sports game. The game can be anywhere and any type of sport. The first step is to speak to a local sports coach or school administration about your interest. Once approved, U.S. Pain will provide you with details and support for holding a successful Points for Pain game.

Walks: Do you have more time on your hands or want to take on a larger fundraiser? Host a local walk in a neighborhood or park in your local area. U.S. Pain will be there to help every step of the way–literally and figuratively. Walks are great ways to raise both awareness and funds.

Alex and Ani Event: If you love Alex and Ani, this event is for you. Alex and Ani gives local nonprofits the opportunity to set up a table in the store to hand out materials while a portion of the proceeds from the night goes to the nonprofit.

These are just a few simple and easy ways for you to get involved and help host a fundraising event for U.S. Pain. New ideas for fundraising are always welcome. If you have an idea or suggestion in mind, contact fundraising@uspainfoundation.org. And remember, even if you can’t host a fundraiser, you can support the organization by shopping through Amazon Smile.