City & State: Wasilla, Alaska
Age: 73 years old
Pain Warrior role: Advocate since 2015
What type of health conditions do you live with: Robert was wounded 6 times in Vietnam causing severe chronic pain. He also has rheumatoid arthritis and had surgery for bladder and prostate cancer 3 weeks ago.
What is your favorite tip for others with chronic pain: “I have faith in my Creator”
Fun fact about you: “I am portrayed in a new exhibit at the Newseumby Time-Life photographer John Olson, currently in Washington D.C.”

Robert Thoms, also known as “Cajun Bob,” is a Vietnam combat veteran who has received six Purple Hearts and a Silver Star for bravery and has lived with chronic pain for over 45 years. Despite his diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis and other health challenges, Bob continues to advocate for access to innovative therapy options without delay. He has been incredibly active with Senate Bill 32 in Alaska, where he resides with his wife Cindy Caserta, who is not only Bob’s caregiver, but also a pain warrior.